Regional Writing

Regional writing is a form of fictitious poetry that majorly includes the characters, cultural customs, individual dialect, and the physical layout of a particular region. This form of writing became a common feature in American literature during the end of the nineteenth century. Some of the factors that make one to be a great regional writer include:

Developing an interest in one’s region; this enables one to have a clear picture of his or her surrounding environment. In reference to Jewett’s early life where she always went out on walks and this made her develop an interest in nature. In addition, the walks enabled her to gain sufficient knowledge about her native land and its people. This interest was an important factor that enabled Jewett to raise as a great regional writer. According to William Dean, Jewett had a great gift in describing things. This was demonstrated in her finest collection of short stories. She is considered by feminist critics as a great writer who outlined rich content with regard to the lives and voices of the women (William 123)

Another significant factor that makes one be a great regional writer involves an individual constantly reviewing other works of literature; in this case, one is able to expand his or her knowledge with regard to the literary styles. For instance, Chopin consistently used to review various literature works including fairy tales, poetry, and religious allegories. She also used to read various classic and contemporary novels. Also, Chopin had a great know how of the community she lived in and this was a vital tool in her success in writing.

Another attribute that may mold one into being a great regional writer is an individual’s background; this may provide a basis for one’s interest in literature writing. The background also may determine the kind of writing work that one will be involved in. An example is based on Freeman’s work. She was brought up in a strict religious background including completing her education in seminary schools. And religion had a great role in influencing some of her works (William 179).

Also for one to be a great regional writer, one should effectively manage his or her time. Time management will enable the individual to organize his or her writing.  This is demonstrated by Garland who had his schedule well planned out and at each particular time he was involved in a constructive activity and during leisure time he would take a long drive, hang out with friends, and attend a show sometimes or his daughter would read to him an article.

In conclusion, regional writing is more of a passion than just an activity and thus for anyone who wants to participate in this form writing, he or she should be interested in this form of writing than just do it as a means of earning an income. In this context, I consider Jewett, Chopin, and Garland to some of the greatest regional writers of all time. I base this on the fact that despite some of the challenging times they had to go through while growing up, they still had a great passion for local color writing and this is evident by their great works that are still used in the study of American literature. For example, Chopin was greatly depressed by the loss of her mother and husband and writing was recommended as a form of therapy healing for her and this eventually led her to successfully get involved in the writing short stories and articles which were her basis for a breakthrough in writing.

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