ourpeople-photo.jpgOver the past year, thousands of people from across the country have gathered in homes, offices, coffee shops, and places of worship to talk about how the overreach of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is undermining the civil liberties and human rights of people living in America and how to work together to ensure these rights are restored.

Join the more than 4,500 people involved in the Night of 1,000 Conversations and host a conversation of your own.
What kind of violations?
  • Warrantless and aggressive raids on homes and workplaces that lock up people without due process
  • Inhumane detention conditions for immigrant detainees–many of whom have no criminal record
Why Do It?

Most people living in the United States do not realize these violations of human rights and civil liberties are taking place in this country. The Night of 1,000 Conversations is here to:

  • Raise awareness in our communities about these bad laws and policies;
  • Engage people to reassert this country’s democratic principles; and
  • Build power at the grassroots level by mobilizing participation in the Hold DHS Accountable! campaign